Canadian Hotel | Laganas Zakynthos

At Canadian Hotel we are committed in making your holidays an unforgettable experience. Our concierge services enable you to enjoy your stay at Canadian Hotel to the fullest. We are dedicated towards providing you with everything you might need, ensuring that you spend every moment in our property and in our beautiful island as thrilled and excited as possible. Take a second and thing of what you would love to do or see at Zakynthos Island and our Concierge partners are here to make it happen for you.

Zakynthos island is one of the largest and greener islands in the southern Ionian Sea. The Gods Diana and Apollo have chosen it for its idyllic landscapes, the wonderful sandy beaches, the deep blue waters, the breathtaking caves, the enchanting sunsets and its benign climate for their holidays. Today, travelers enjoy Zakynthos for the same reasons as well for its hospitable environment and civilization. Enjoy yourself with scuba diving in island's wonderful seas. Also, there are numerous water sport centers through Zakynthos offering all the special equipment for a thrill "ride". They all offer excellent water sports facilities in reasonable prices. At all the water sport centers, you can do Ringos rides, Banana, Water Ski, Canoe, Pedaloes, Paragliding or The Fly Fish, an ultimate experience sitting on top of a yellow platform powered at full speed behind the speedboat. For our friends who love cycling can choose among many routes with different difficulty level each and reach places of incomparable beauty that cars cannot approach.

The green nature, the endless sandy beaches and the blue waters are the background when you will combine your holiday with the wonderful sport of riding. Your level of riding experience does not matter. The important thing is the love and respect you feel for this beautiful animal, and your willingness to learn. Meet the beauty and the magnificent nature of Zakynthos and spend your free time pleasantly while riding in places that will be unforgettable. Enjoy your summer holidays with friends or family while sailing in the crystal blue waters of Zakynthos. Discover unapproachable beaches of Zakynthos, enchanting islets and mysterious caves. Make a wonderful "salty" journey into secluded bays away from the stress and snooping.

These are some of the activities that Zakynthos can offer to all who have the chance to visit. There a lot more activities that you can try while you spend your holidays on Zakynthos Island. What you need to do is just ask us.